Competitions & Awards

Scholastic Excellence Award

To celebrate and glorify excellence in Academic performance, the scholastic excellence awards are conferred upon students who have demonstrated a high level of academic performance over a period of two to three years at various levels.

Roll of Honour

While it is important to celebrate Academic Excellence, it is also imperative to motivate the child by applauding every step he takes towards achieving greater heights. Students are awarded a certificate of 'Roll of Honour' for all subjects they excel in at the end of each term during the school assembly.

Certificate of Appreciation

There are times when a student puts in an extra effort to forge ahead academically and shows a significant improvement in scholastic performance. A Certificate of appreciation is awarded to every student who shows an improvement of 5% or more between any two terms.

Other Certifications

Participating and preparing for exams like Olympiads helps in development of student’s IQ, logical and analytical thinking from very young age which helps in later stage when they prepare for JEE, NEET and other competitive exams.