Learning to DO...

A unique school which in its balance of pedagogical and technological elements provides the optimum conditions for learning. Scientific temper is inculcated in each child through exploration, observation & discovery. A hands-on approach is adopted at all developmental stages leading to conceptual understanding and an inquisitive and analytical mind. Emphasis is laid on sensitising the learners to the application of concepts in not only day to day lives but also in the service of humanity and as a major instrument for achieving goals of self-reliance, socio-economic and socio-ecological development.

Mathematics Lab
Our Mathematics Lab is primarily an engaging space plug-in that teaches core concepts of Mathematics, in an activity-based environment, connecting real-life scenarios to text-book content, factoring in various learning abilities of children in a hands-on, child-centric, age-appropriate, multidisciplinary and engaging manner. It is an extraordinary space with elements that does not intimidate students but allows them to connect Math’s with real life and explore the concepts learnt in school chapters with clarity and enthusiasm