Learning to DO...

The school has a well-equipped and spacious Physics Lab which can accommodate about 45 students at a time. It is well stocked with models, charts and other high quality instruments to inculcate practical knowledge among the students. All the equipments necessary to conduct the required experiments, which form the part of the curriculum are found in the Laboratory. Skilled teachers explain the procedure to students and students conduct the experiments. This ‘learning by doing’ aids in long-term retention of scientific facts.
The apparatus in the lab is latest. The lab has apparatus like electrical meters (ammeters, voltmeters, galvanometers, and multimeters), resistance boxes and coils, rheostats, battery eliminators etc to work with potentiometers and meter bridges. Optical experiments are carried out on optical benches with various lenses and mirrors. Prisms, glass slabs and mirror strips have been provided with drawing boards. Sonometers, resonance apparatus and viscosity apparatus help students to perform various experiments. Vernier callipers, screw gauges, spherometers, spring and physical balances, graves and apparatus are the other equipment present in the lab. Logic gate circuit and the pn junction’s apparatus help in electronics experiments.
Apart from the equipment required for CBSE prescribed syllabus the lab also has telescope, spectrometer with both mercury lamp and sodium lamp. The lab is also equipped with an independent PC with printer to help students. Teaching in the lab takes place on the projector system with the help of various softwares.