Principal Message

Principal Message

"Children are the assets of our nation, more valuable than any other. To sculpt, mould and shape them requires persistent and unwavering efforts."

In this era of educational renaissance, when voice of degrading values is echoing globally, only the collective efforts of parents, students and the school can bring in the desired change. First Guru (parents) and the second Guru (teachers), jointly have the power to sharpen the skills and faculties of children and making them successful good human beings.

I am immensely pleased to be a member of this young and vibrant family of GDGPS. I am delighted to find that values propagated by GDGPS, Sirsa compliment the values I vouch for as an educator.

Education is my passion and I want that each one from GDGPS to excel in school, career and life ahead.

I want to help students to believe in themselves, build self-confidence, dream big, dare to take challenges and then blossom to grow in professional, social, emotional and spiritual skills to emerge as most successful, confident and worthy citizens of future society.

School motto: “Higher Stronger Brighter is followed by the GDGPS family to achieve excellence in all spheres governing the holistic development of our students.

I feel extremely honored to serve as Principal of this school. Please don't hesitate to contact me in case of any suggestion in person or through e-mail.

Dr. Ruchi Sharma